Via Vaudeville!

Charter of the Forest: This Weekend

Lincoln Art Programme

Townley & Bradby with James Wilkes / Tereza Buskova / Richard DeDomenici / Via Vaudeville! / Boyd Webb / Carey Young

Join Lincoln Art Programme this weekend for performances, guides, talks and new artworks at Chambers Farm Wood in Lincolnshire. Situated amongst Lincolnshire’s historic woodlands, Charter of the Forest brings together six artists of which four have been commissioned to develop new work that draws upon the historic Charter of the Forest document, presented alongside existing video works which point towards key issues raised through the project.

Often known as the ‘Charter of the Common Man’, the historical Charter of the Forest document provided new rights for ordinary people, permitting hunting, foraging and the free use of forestland. New artworks will explore the social, historical and natural impact of the charter document, whist also investigating our public use of woodlands today.

Nottingham Visual Arts particularly recommends Nottingham's own Via Vaudeville!'s contribution to the event - 'Where There’s Smoke'. Positioning a seemingly functioning charcoal burner within the wood Via Vaudeville! wish to use it as a symbolic device of sustainability of the forest. Playing with the burner’s status and familiarity it will be used as a communicative apparatus, doctoring it’s usual smoke output with coded smoke signals taking cues from traditional English protest sings. The sustainability of coppice crafts and traditional song have long been linked but here point to their adaptive ability to shift and transform to new environments and functions as needed. This new work also highlights the longevity of mans maintenance of the forest whist being humorously inefficient to produce clear concise messages. Ravelled in code and ephemeral in nature, these coded smoke messages nod towards the entropy of protest and reward, both in the past- as in The Charter of the Forest- but also within a more contemporary political climate.

Free coach on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August. Pick up from Collection, Danes Terrace, Lincoln . The coach will pick up at 11am taking you directly to Chambers Farm wood, and return at 3pm. To find out more visit Lincoln Art Programme's website Charter of the Forest at Chambers Farm Wood has been developed in partnership with the Collection and the Forestry Commission.

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